n ✦♖✦
I suppose this is my 'formal' goodbye to the MERP community.
I've left and come back about a dozen times but this time it's staying permanent.
I've had such an amazing time here in the past. Met a lot of awesome people and learned so much in the ways of writing and character development. I've seen so many amazing people come and go and now I just feel like it's my turn to take my leave.
This community used to be so strong and tight knit. Now all I see when I log in is drama and ridiculousness and quite frankly...I'm over it. More than over it.
I thank everyone for the good times. And I thank everyone for sticking with me through the bad ones. It's been an interesting year and a half with you MERP. Stay frosty. And I hope for those of you still truckin' that it gets and stays better for you.
--Rhea-mun [Bree] signing out.